Her life was way too brief…

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

by Stephanie Meyer

Copyright 2010

Review by Sarah F.

If you have read any of the books in the Twilight saga, you have experienced the thrilling, nail biting, keep you on the edge of your seat talent that Stephanie Meyer possesses. In the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Meyer has done it again. We can see and fully understand the reasoning, the thought and the trouble that unfold behind the scenes of the third novel Eclipse, and because of it Meyer has been called “the world’s most popular vampire novelist since Anne Rice.”

She piles on the suspense and romance again by creating a newly spawned love between two unaware yet curious vampires who feel the need to unravel the mystery of their near future, but they do not fully understand what is at stake.

Most humans would eagerly accept the opportunity of having a redo at life, but would you want to be a vampire your second time through? Bree Tanner has just been turned into a vampire, she is what they consider a newborn. She has an unceasing burn for blood at the back of her throat, but Bree has no idea what to do or how to act. She is not like her fellow newborns who constantly think of how to satisfy their thirst at any cost. Even though her thirst is always there she is able to move past it and focus on staying alive.

Bree and many other humans were specifically chosen and created to be an army of newborn vampires, because when vampires are in the first few months of their life they are faster and stronger than older vampires. The newborns were unknowingly created and trained to kill. Though they were told that they were being trained so that they could take over the older vampires feeding grounds, they were really created so that Victoria could get her revenge against the Cullen’s. (As many of you know Victoria’s mate James was killed by Edward Cullen in the first Twilight book.)

I really liked this book, and I loved how it tied up all the loose ends in Eclipse. This story is told through Bree, and through her eyes I could feel her fear even though she was practically indestructible. I also love how seamlessly Stephanie Meyers intertwines love, suspense, action, and vampires.


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