Four-Wheeler Riding

By Jesse F.

Picture by Jennifer Leigh

A favorite past time of mine is riding four-wheelers. I think that riding is a lot of fun, and it helps me calm down after a bad day. I first started riding when I was around seven years old. As time progressed I moved up to bigger, better, and faster machines.

My first four-wheeler was a little 125 Honda which contented me for a while but then I began to lose interest in it, so I looked for something faster. My next advancement was a 350 Fourtrax Honda, but just like my first four-wheeler I eventually needed something better because I have a need for speed. Recently, I was generously given a TRx 400ex for my birthday. So, on most days I can be seen riding around my yard just doing what I do.

Every Memorial Day my family and I go to my grandmother’s for our annual picnic. We always bring our four-wheelers because after we sleep out under the stars on the trampoline we wake up and spend the morning riding. Being out in the morning enables me to smell the fresh scents of nature and exhaust mixed together. I really enjoy four-wheeler riding. It is something that I don’t think I will ever lose my passion for.

Jesse F. is a Teen Advisory Board Member at the Mary S. Biesecker Public library.


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