Down in the Dumps


By Andy Mulligan

Review by Karina P.

This book lets you travel to a third world country to visit the life of a 14 year old boy named Raphael Fernandez who is forced to work in a dumpsite, picking out anything valuable, for any money that he can get for his family. One “unlucky, lucky” day when Raphael was working, he found a leather bag with a few curious items in it. This seems great, but the only problem is that it is linked to a murder. The police are offering a huge reward to anyone who knows anything about it, but Raphael is not about to give up the bag.

The whole setting of this book really drew me in; just the idea that this could really be happening in the world somewhere right now. The author captures the rebellious teen point of view, and to me this book would seem to appeal to people who are interested in environmental and adventure books.

Here are just a few words from the author of “Trash” about his inspiration and the process of writing it. –


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