Cloaked – TAB book review


by Alex Flinn

Review by Sarah

Johnny is just like any other teenage boy except for one thing, he knows everything about shoes. His family owns a shoe repair business located in a hotel on South Beach, where he works hours upon hours to support his mother. He sees many different people in his work but he never gets a chance to meet any of them until now, and the person that he meets changes his life forever.

Princess Victoriana is a party girl who regularly disgraces her family, and she has come to South Beach. After an accidental meeting with her Johnny finds out that there is more to her than meets the eyes. The princess is really in South Beach on a mission to find her lost brother, and she wants Johnny’s help to get the job done. Victoriana’s brother was turned into a frog by an evil Alorian witch who wanted the prince out of the way in order to force the princess to marry the wicked prince of a neighboring country. If Johnny can find this frog prince and return it to Victoriana, she promises to marry him.

To aid him in this quest Victoriana gives Johnny a magic cloak and magic headphones. The cloak can be used to go anywhere in the world just by wishing yourself there, and headphones can be used to talk to creatures that were once human but are now animals. Johnny doesn’t believe that there is any such thing as magic, but according to the princess magic is everywhere he just couldn’t see it. After trying out the magic gifts he quickly becomes a believer.

Cloaked was amazing, and I was hooked on every page because the story kept getting better and better. It features everything from magic, true love, and everyday life that teens can relate to. In “Cloaked” Flinn makes the story seem to be going one way but she suddenly sends the story in another direction that you don’t see coming. Alex Flinn is a brilliant author who writes books that you can’t put down. This is a book that I could read over and over again and not get tired of it.


Junior Library Guild Selection


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