Teen Book Review – “Everlost”

Skinnjacker Trilogy Book #1

By Neal Shusterman

Published by Scholastic

Copyright © 2006

Review by Mae

Everlost is an amazing read for anyone who enjoys romance, science fiction, and adventure. This book introduces you to the world of Everlost. It is the place in between life and death, heaven and hell.

Nick and Allie have never formally met, but they end up in a car wreck. When they awaken they are in a strange world with strange laws of gravity and other laws of physics. Nick and Allie set off to explore this strange world and they find Mary Hightower, honorary queen of Everlost.

Nick loves Mary’s civilization; however, Allie is unsatisfied and wants to learn more about the “Criminal Arts” and her power as a skinjacker. There is also the one true monster of Everlost lurking in the shadows. Will Allie adjust? Why is Nick so enticed by Mary?

This book contains a unique mixture of several genres and allows the mind to explore the possibilities of life after death. It is a very different, yet somewhat plausible theory of the afterlife.

I strongly recommend Everlost! You won’t be able to put it down, because it keeps you guessing and offers so many different genres. The next book in the series should be just as great.


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