Member Book Review: A Monster Calls

By Patrick Ness

Review by Mae

“A Monster Calls” is a beautifully touching novel. It is by far my favorite book.

Conor begins to be visited by a monster after his mother’s cancer treatments become difficult. The monster visits at 12:07 after he has the nightmare. It tells him stories deeply rooted (no pun intended) in metaphor. They don’t make sense at first, but one thing is for sure, the monster wants the truth. The truth about the nightmare; the truth about his mother. Conor finds this confusing and doesn’t want to tell the truth, even if it kills him. It is just too painful for Conor to say.

I like “A Monster Calls” because it is a beautifully written novel. The pictures added lots of emotion to the already heart wrenching story line. I felt for him. I empathized with him. I saw him.

I recommend “A Monster Calls” to anyone who can read English. It is almost too good for words. I just loved this book.


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