Teen Writer’s Circle August 2013

Take 5  Prompt Writing

Prompt “When I was twelve I hated…”

by Mary

When I was twelve I hated orange.  Not just the color, not just the fruit, but the thought of orange itself.  It mocked me with its citrus happiness and the way it clung to shirts and was peeled from itself.  Although I have no idea where my detestation for such a loathsome thing began, I can assure you it is far from over.

by Anna

When I was twelve there was a giant monster with fangs chasing me. He wanted my blood ‘cause it
tasted like honey. As I was running away I was thinking, “Why does this always happen to me?” I
always almost die and they try to make me his wife.  The huge monster was getting closer and it was really
fast. “Come on feet!”, I screamed. Why can’t I go faster? Then as the monster bite the back of my leg
I screamed again. Why does this always happen to me?


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