A Fan Troll Otherverse (Inspired by Hussie)

At the rise of the first moon, she wakes. Not one of her delicate fingers is lifted when her royal caretakers carry her from the recuperacoon in which she sleeps. The vat of sopour slime is painstakingly cleansed everyday so as to not upset her, although upsetting her is not a difficult task. The royal caretakers rinse her body free of the muck encasing her and dress her in only the latest fashions on Averzart. Jewel are fitted to her glorious horns. The fantastic gown she wears is unlike any other, its color representing her most pure and royal blood. She did not rush despite being very late, instead swinging her hips arrogantly as she walked to meet her family for breakfast.

“My darling child, what has kept you from coming to breakfast on time?” The Imperial Condescension herself asked with an admonishing tone. The princess sat down beside the Condesce at a table full of decadent delicacies.

“Sorry Mother it’s just, my servants are so weak and stupid. Obviously they are all way too poor to know how to properly lace a dress. As for polishing horns? I don’t think they even know what that means.” The Fushia princess scoffed, and nudged the boy sitting to the other side of her with her elbow. “Am I right Pak, or what?”

“Uh… HAHAHAHA yeah Shaivi! Those guards sure are STUPID!” He replied obnoxiously and forcing laughter so hard he began to cough profusely. Shaivi cackled as he choked up specks of blood into a napkin.

“Pakkus, calm yourself!” The Condesce snapped at the boy. He hung his head. The poor prince was miserable. After being dismissed from the table he nimbly avoided being alone with Shaivi and retreated to the safety of his respitblock. He opened the door to his chamber and was greeted by a beautiful yet unfamiliar servant.

“Master Pakkus,” The stranger bowed at his feet then looked behind her as the other servants continued their business. “why don’t you all bow before him?” She asked the other servants nearby.

“Oh he’s not like the others, he doesn’t like it when you bow.” Another servant called to the young maid, and then to the prince, “you’ll have to forgive her Pakkus, she’s new.”

Pakkus extended a hand down to the fair troll, and she took hold of it gracefully and stood before him.

“Howdy missy, I know you probably think I’m some royal brat like the others, but I really like to think of us all as friends. Please call me Pakkus from now on okay?” He smiled wide, his grin full of sharp teeth, just as any other troll’s but significantly more bright. “Now won’tcha tell me your name?”

“My name is Maquis.” She giggled and then scurried off to perform some silly task that would never mean anything, for the prince does his own chores.

“Uh might I apologize for my comment at the table this morning, I didn’t mean what I said.” Pakkus announced, resulting in laughter that echoed from the mouth of a frail troll somewhere in his chambers. The old jovial troll then hobbled into his view and beckoned for him to sit on the couch beside her. He did so and she took his hand affectionately.

“My dear boy, have you no sense!” She chuckled and patted his back.

“What’d I do now?” He coughed hard into his hands and came up with more flecks of deep pink blood, which he quickly hid by wiping his hands onto his blood colored pants.

“We all knew you was joking! You shouldn’t apologize so much!” The old troll continued. “Now you listen to your momma boy, don’t you go tellin’ nobody this. I heard the Chief Subjuggulator wants to have a private meet with you. Be cautious, he’s known for forcing trolls of all bloods to do things.” Her eyes narrowed in disgust for the Chief.

“What kinds ‘a things?” He asked, his voice hushed and eyes wide.

“Nasty dirty things Pak. Things you ain’t never gonna want to dream of in your most horrid of nightmares. Boy you best protect yourself now.” She stood and hobbled through the servants’ corridor, leaving the prince scared and confused.


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