Committees are appointed in order to work more efficiently. TAB committees, purposes, and participating members are as follows:

Reviews and Recommendations Committee– Responsible for providing the TAB Advisor/Web Development Coordinator with 1 book review a month, a review of every CD purchased by the library, and a review of every video game purchased by the library. In addition, this committee should also feel free to create read-a-like lists, genre lists, top 10’s, etc.  Members:  Karina, Rachel, Addison, Anna

Programs and Projects Committee– Responsible for brainstorming young adult activities for discussion during TAB meetings, and then fleshing out such activities after discussion. Activities include, but are not limited to, parties, Teen Writer’s Circle, book clubs, fundraisers, crafts, and etc. While some events will be TAB only, we also want to hold open events.  Members:  Allison, Mary, Henny

Publicity Committee – Responsible for finding ways to publicize the Mary S. Biesecker Public library, TAB, and any TAB activities in the community and beyond. Check blog and update with events.  Members:  Karina, Addison, Henny, Mya

Arts Committee– Responsible for taking photographs at TAB events, creating works of art for the website and/or YA wall, decorating the YA wall with whatever resources are available to you, and planning arts and crafts events in conjunction with the Programs and projects committee.  Members:  Mary, Rachel, Allison, Henny

YA Collection Development Committee – Responsible for recommending books, CD’s, and graphic novels for purchase by MSBPL. The YACDC may also make recommendations on other items (e.g. video games) however it must be remembered that such items will come out of the TAB fundraising account not out of our MSBPL budget. Recommendations are to be voted on by TAB as a whole.  Members:  Karina, Anna

Committee Changes need the approval of committee members, and TAB officers.



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