Member Book Review: Bonechiller


by Graham McNamee

                                                                             Review by Mae

    Bonechiller is a must read for anyone who enjoys suspense, mystery and sci-fi all mixed together with a dash of romance.  It kept me on my toes from start to finish, always wanting; which is not necessarily a good thing.  Graham McNamee writes brilliantly making all the characters seem so raw and real.  However, he seems to have forgotten part of the story line in the middle and the end.

Danny has been hiding; hiding from the truth and harsh reality about what happened in Toronto.  Eventually, he ends up in Harvest Cove, a town seemingly at the end of the world in Canada’s empty wilds.  The cold, harsh winter soon sets in, and Danny and his friends start to experience some crazy things.  Will Danny be able to stop the madness while battling an internal conflict, and keep a special someone by his side straight to the end?

Graham McNamee has won many awards and much praise for his works.  Bonechiller was no different.  Although his main point of the book was to be full of suspense; which it was; McNamee seemed to forget about the internal conflict going on with Danny towards the end.  It  almost seemed as if McNamee wanted the reader to forget things going on in Danny’s mind so he didn’t have to bother to write some sort of resolution to it.  In addition, toward the middle Danny’s love interest was put on hold to make way for the main conflict; which drove me crazy.  I wish McNamee could have kept up the same amount of suspense for Danny’s emotional conflict and leading lady as the main conflict.

Overall, Bonechiller was suspenseful, but could have been thought out a little better.  I give this a 3 out of 5 stars.


Member Book Review: My Almost Epic Summer

By Adele Griffin

Review by Karina

This book is about a girl named Irene. She has dreams of opening her own beauty salon one day but for right now she is stuck working at her mom’s salon, that is, until she is suddenly fired. From there Irene takes a job babysitting for her mom’s friend Judith, which proves to be quite difficult. Summers should be great, but this one is not turning out that way. Then Irene meets a girl named Starla. They become friends and Irene even features her in her book of hairstyles. Starla unintentionally introduces Irene to her ex-boyfriend Drew; Irene and Drew hit it off and they have their own little romance.

This book was pretty good. It is a great book to take with you on summer vacation at the beach, though I wish the story was a little longer. This is obviously a girl’s book. It will appeal to the reader who likes a bit of romance but doesn’t like to be overwhelmed by it. There are also a few plot twists here and there to keep it interesting. I recommend that you make a bit of time to read it this summer.