Member Book Review: Full Ride

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

reviewed by Karina

fullrideFrom the moment this book starts it firmly attaches to your heart. It pulls at your heart strings every step of the way, through every wittingly titled chapter, through every dramatic sentence, through every span of drama. Full ride is truly a novel worth throwing away two or so hours of your life on. This story starts out in Virginia with our main character Becca. She and her mother have been in hiding for years and they want to escape the pain. The pain of what? Of her father’s many crimes putting them all in danger of Excellerand, a highly powerful corporation like Google. Becca never gets to see or hear from her father unless their malicious, power hungry lawyer gets involved. Becca and her mother flee to Deskins, Ohio where they can start anew, but even by moving Becca can’t achieve the one goal she has. All she wants is to go to college, but with her predicament she can’t…until she finds a scholarship.It’s a full ride scholarship and all of Becca’s friends want it too. It’s called the Whitney Court scholarship…


A Flurry of New Members

The Mary S. Biesecker Public Library is pleased to have 3 new members: Adam, Amber, and Karissa.

  • Adam is a guy’s guy who plays the trumpet in his high school band.
  • Amber enjoys soccer, playing the violin and Bass, Fishing, and taking photographs.
  • Karissa is in the Color Guard and she enjoys reading, art, and riding her bike.

TAB is a great way to meet teens with similar interests as yourself. If you’d like to meet the 10 members of TAB give us a call and tell us that you want to come to a meeting.

Old School Games Day

On July 23rd from 1-4 p.m. join us at the Mary S. Biesecker Public Library for some Old School Game Play. We’ll have  games like Connect Four, Scrabble, Life, and Pictureka out for your to play. If you have a game you’d rather play feel free to bring it with you. We hope to see you there.

(Beverages will be provided while they last.)